Company profile

We manufacture and export chassis frames, semi-trailers, trailers and components for semi-trailer trucks. Our portfolio also includes frames for port logistics or for transport by freight train. We are a member of the engineering division of the Promet Group.





10 tons

the weight of the structures we can manufacture

14 meters

the length of the structures we can manufacture

Stecomtra a.s., which is based in Nový Jičín, has been operating on Czech and foreign markets since 2004. In the course of its existence, it has become one of the largest independent domestic manufacturers and exporters of chassis frames, semi-trailers, trailers and components not only for freight transport. A high expert and professional level, together with a well equipped modern facility, enables the company to respond flexibly to developments and needs in the engineering industry and to satisfy the high quality standards not only of domestic customers, but mainly foreign ones. 

Since 2017, Stecomtra has been part of the Promet Group, which is a family-owned business of more than forty companies engaged in machinery, metallurgy and engineering. It employs over four thousand people in the Czech Republic and abroad. The headquarters of the group is in Ostrava. 

Goals and values

Maintain high expertise, professionalism and technological level, respond flexibly to developments and needs in the engineering industry, and satisfy the high quality standards of not only domestic customers but also foreign ones. In line with environmental sustainability, we implement a number of measures and investments that lead either to the optimization of production with less impact on the environment or to investments in buildings that lead to savings in heat and energy, and hence environmental burden as well.  


We share the same values ​​as the group to which we belong, namely a focus on transparency, reliability and stability, as well as on long-term relationships, which we constantly strive for. Our values also include the sustainability of our production, our environment and social responsibility, not only in the area of ​employment sustainability, but also contributing to the development of the region in which we do business.

From our history

From our history

Foundation of the company

Stecomtra Steel Components s.r.o. was founded in 2004.


Development of the company

Successful customer development within the truck trailer industry.


Promet Group

Following a successful restructuring, Stecomtra Steel Components becomes part of the Promet Group, an engineering group headquartered in Ostrava.


Company mergers

The companies under the name of Stecomtra merged into a single company, Stecomtra a.s.


Modern technology

We are renewing older types of technology and have therefore replaced the older AMADA LC 4020 F1 NT laser with a new TRUMPF laser.


Investing in automation

Another significant investment in automation - the Valk Welding robotic welding cell.

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